“Intl. community must respect reality in Kosovo”

KOSOVSKA VITINA -- Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo Director said Wednesday that the international community needed to respect the reality on the ground.

He explained that the platform for Kosovo had shown that Serbia would respect its Constitution and laws as well as the reality on the ground, but that it expected the same from the international community.

"We expect the international community to understand and accept that Serbs in Kosovo recognize only one state and will not recognize another," Vulin told reporters while visiting the village of Vrbovac.

"The platform is our message that we want a durable, just and peaceful solution, we want Serbs to remain in the province and have what many other ethnic groups in Europe have demanded and received," he noted.

According to Vulin, the platform is a message that Serbia has not given up on its people in Kosovo and does not divide them into those living south and north of the Ibar river.

He added he expected the Kosovo Albanians and the international community to consider the stance of Serbia and the Kosovo Serbs, as "there can be no just solution and lasting peace otherwise."