“Kosovo platform won’t hinder Belgrade-Priština dialogue”

BELGRADE -- Serbian Deputy PM Suzana Grubješić has stated that a platform on Kosovo is not an obstacle to the continuation of the Belgrade-Priština talks.

Suzana Grubješić (Beta, file)
Suzana Grubješić (Beta, file)

“The next step in the European integration, and that is granting a date for the beginning of the (EU accession) negotiations, depends solely on results of the dialogue,” she told daily Danas.

According to her, the EU is Serbia’s main foreign trade partner even in times of the economic crisis.

“The EU is not and cannot be an ATM, the majority of problems we are facing are originally ours, domestic, not European,” she was quoted as saying.

When asked how much has been done in 2012 regarding the EU integration process, Grubješić said that not much had been done since the country was granted the EU candidate status until the new government was formed because the focus was on the campaign and the elections.

“The coalition of parties that formed the new government has put the speeding up of the EU integration as one of its priorities and it has managed to break a stalemate in many things on both internal and international levels,” she concluded.