PM says there is "no disagreement" over Kosovo document

BELGRADE -- The ruling coalition does not disagree over what to send to the Serbian parliament, Serbia's Prime Minister Ivica Dačić said on Tuesday.

Ivica Dačić (Beta)
Ivica Dačić (Beta)

The prime minister specified that the draft should be finalized by the end of the week, and that it was made up of three documents.

"The first contains the basic principles which are important as our starting positions and fundamental stance that we do not accept Kosovo's independence, that we are interested in the status of Kosovo Serbs, and that the conversation must be tied to the European integration process," said Dačić.

According to Dačić, the second document contains Serbia's position on what autonomy should look like as part of something that is not independent, and the third part is an analysis of foreign political and regional circumstances and discusses what is necessary for a realistic policy.

Dačić underlined that the parliament would get to vote only on the first section, while the rest was the foundation for future talks.

According to the prime minister, it turned out that the international community and the EU have the biggest problem with the principle 'nothing is agreed until everything is agreed', even though it is nothing new in international negotiations, because they believe it represents the Serbian government's desire to stop the ongoing dialogue.

He reiterated that the platform was a working text, that it was not necessary to stop the technical dialogue and that talks on the issue could never be determined in advance by a parliamentary decision.

The prime minister said he had not met with representatives of the biggest opposition party, the Democratic Party, adding he did not see what objections could be made against the text and expected it to receive broad support in the parliament.

Dačić could not specify when the draft would arrive before the parliament, saying it depended on the how fast it would be completed, but noted the dialogue about this would go on for months.