Kosovo Albanians celebrate Haradinaj’s acquittal

PRIŠTINA -- Breaking news in all electronic media in Kosovo on Thursday morning was the acquittal of ex-Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commander Ramush Haradinaj.

Ethnic Albanians celebrate the acquittal of Ramush Haradinaj (Beta/AP)
Ethnic Albanians celebrate the acquittal of Ramush Haradinaj (Beta/AP)

Haradinaj will arrive in Priština in the evening.

The authorities set up large screens across the city where citizens were able to watch the delivery of the verdict in the Hague Tribunal. Posters and banners with Haradinaj’s photos can be seen all over Priština.

After he was acquitted, celebrations and fireworks were organized in Kosovo. Shots from firearms could also be heard.

Among the citizens who gathered in the city were top officials of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK).

“We are more than satisfied with the verdict. A formal welcome and involvement of Haradinaj in a political life of Kosovo on a very responsible level will not follow,” said Haradinaj’s advisor Besnik Tahiri.

The citizens are wearing T-shirts with Haradinaj’s photos and writings “A leader who keeps his word”.

According to some speculations, Haradinaj could be the next prime minister of Kosovo.

Haradinaj was acquitted of all charges for crimes against Serbs and other non-Albanian civilians from March 1 until September 30, 1998 in Kosovo.