Minister presents EU official with Dušan's Code

BELGRADE -- Serbian Justice Minister Nikola Selaković on Thursday arrived in Brussels, for meetings with European Union (EU) officials there.

Nikola Selaković (Tanjug, file)
Nikola Selaković (Tanjug, file)

According to reports, he brought a gift for EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule: a copy of Dušan's Code.

The document was the early constitution of the Serbian Empire, adopted in 1349.

During his two-day visit, Selaković will also present the results of the work on the amendments to more than ten judicial laws to Fule.

According to announcements, the two officials will discuss progress in drafting three national strategies - strategy for the fight against corruption, strategy for the judical reform and strategy for the public administration reform.

Selaković and Fule will devote special attention to parts of the national strategies which are directly related to the prepared amendments.

While in Brussels, Selaković will also meet with European Commissioner for Inter-Institutional Relations and Administration Maros Sefcovic in order to discuss implementation of public administration reform and further activities to build institutions and increase the capacity of public administration.

The Serbian minister is visiting Brussels together with State Secretary of the Ministry Gordana Stamenić.