Premier announces next Thaci meeting

NOVI SAD -- Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić said Monday that his next meeting with Hashim Thaci and EU's Catherine Ashton in Brussels would be held in December.

Asked by a Tanjug reporter whether a state platform for negotiations on Kosovo would be ready by then, Dačić told a press conference in Novi Sad that the essential issues were still not discussed.

Serbia is not changing its state policy, Dačić said, adding that the government is developing a platform for each meeting and all state bodies are doing their job.

“The talks that are taking place right now have nothing to do with the vital issue of Kosovo and Metohija, as they are status-neutral. We want to finally resolve that issue as well, and when it is on the agenda, then will what is written in the platform be applied, of course,” said Dačić.