Opposition party proclamation urges Serbia to scrap EU bid

BELGRADE -- The opposition DSS party has called on the citizens to support its proclamation asking the authorities not to pursue EU membership for the country.

The party also wants Serbia to declare its political neutrality.

"Serbia is at risk. After the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo the state authorities of Serbia became accomplices in the gradual grabbing of Kosovo and Metohija, by trading with the EU at the price of national and historical values of Serbia," the DSS proclamation reads.

The party's leader and former Yugoslav president and Serbian PM Vojislav Koštunica told a news conference in Belgrade that the DSS made public its demands because they were convinced that a majority of Serbians were opposed to the country's EU membership.

This is true, he added, "despite what the government and state institutions have been doing".

"The test for the government will be whether it will recognize a border between Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija. That is the test for the government, and I'm skeptical about its chances of passing," Koštunica was quoted as saying.

The DSS will on November 24 launch its campaign in Belgrade, and later in other Serbian towns, giving the citizens a chance to support the proclamation with their signatures.