Serbia wants negotiations without preconditions

BELGRADE -- Aleksandar Vulin says that Belgrade wishes to see negotiations with Priština continue, but without any preconditions for the start of that process.

The Kosovo Office chief, who just returned from his two-day visit to Kosovo and Metohija, told the public broadcaster RTS that Serbia was "ready for negotiations and wants to negotiate":

"We have said that a number of times. However, we do not wish to be faced with any preconditions and conditions for those negotiations."

By ending Kosovo's "supervised independence", this government official continued, "the international community sent a message to Priština that 'everything was done before negotiations even began'."

However, he noted that Serbia would not be entering talks "in order to read a list of ultimatums", but rather "to stand on behalf of the citizens who live in the area of Kosovo and Metohija - but there are those who can say, 'what do we need negotiations for when supervised independence has ended'."

Vulin once against stated that he wished to see a population census carried out in Kosovo and Metohija, noting that the results would represent "information important for everyone".