Kosovo: Serb family's home destroyed in explosion

PRIŠTINA -- Professor Tomislav Đokić’s family home in downtown Priština was destroyed in an explosion, United Serb List (JSL) MP in the Kosovo assembly Rada Trajković says.

(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)

She called on the institution to react to the incident.

According to KiM Radio, Trajković said that the house was destroyed four days ago, after explosives had been planted in it. She has requested an urgent reaction from the competent institutions in the Kosovo assembly.

“Đokić and his family have not had the right to use their house since they were expelled from these parts but they did not want to alienate it because they are emotionally tied to it, as old and respectable people,” Trajković explained.

“Bearing in mind that deputy prime minister (Hajredin Kuci) has called on the Serbs to return, I said that it would be good to speak to the prominent professor and apologize to him, that the interior minister must determine who did it and that the minister for return should take responsibility for the reconstruction of the house of such a respectable citizen,” she noted.

Trajković believes that this is the only way to send a message that “the Serbs belong here, in these parts and to destroyers that everything they destroyed will be rebuilt.”

The Đokić’s family house was located in downtown Priština, across the street from the Priština Municipal Building and in proximity of main Kosovo institutions. Đokić is a recognized scientist and researcher who won numerous awards and served four terms as a Faculty of Medicine dean.