DSS and SNS sign agreement to support Nikolić

BELGRADE -- The Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) and the Serb Progressive Party (SNS) signed an agreement on Wednesday on the DSS support to Tomislav Nikolić.

A file photo of Koštunica and Nikolić (FoNet)
A file photo of Koštunica and Nikolić (FoNet)

The agreement was signed by Nikolić, leader of the SNS, and Vojislav Koštunica, who heads the DSS.

Nikolić will run against DS leader Boris Tadić in the second round of presidential elections on May 20.

"Nikolić and Koštunica agree there is justifiable cause to believe serious election irregularities and fraud occurred on May 6. It has been determined, with many other irregularities, that 20 sacks of ballots are missing, and the government is persistently refusing the sensible proposal to recount the votes," the agreement states.

The document also says that Koštunica and Nikolić agree that the issue of whether it is in Serbia's interest to be politically neutral or become an EU member should be resolved democratically, by giving the people an opportunity to state their opinion at a referendum.

The leaders of the DSS and SNS agree there would be no requests to change the Constitution without both parties supporting it and that the DSS and SNS would run a harmonized policy when it comes to the Constitution.

The DSS called on the citizens to vote for Nikolić in the second round of the presidential election.