DSS: Election theft did take place on May 6

BELGRADE -- The Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) has announced that it believes "it is evident" that election theft occurred on May 6 in Serbia.

Petar Petković (Tanjug, file)
Petar Petković (Tanjug, file)

It called for establishment of the independent commission that would recount all the votes, the party's spokesman Petar Petković said on Monday.

"In recent days, several parties mounted challenges and voiced their doubts about the regularity of the May 6 elections," Petković told a press conference on Monday in Belgrade.

He added that the state electoral commission (RIK) and the government "do not want to set up an independent commission to recount the ballots and confirm whether election theft occured",.

That, the spokesman continued, "is evident proof that the vote fraud took place".

Petković said that DSS leader Vojislav Koštunica and leader of the Serb Progressive Party (SNS) Tomislav Nikolić were "in constant contact", and that in the coming days, the DSS will make it clear whom they will support in the presidential run-off, scheduled to take place on May 20 between Nikolić, and DS leader Boris Tadić.