Votes from Kosovo “will not change results”

BELGRADE -- Results of the parliamentary elections held in Kosovo will not have a significant effect on the election results and number of seats parties won.

Marko Blagojević
Marko Blagojević

This is according to Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID) Program Director Marko Blagojević.

“The votes from Kosovo cannot make a change because there are not many of them, there could maybe be changes in one mandate, that one party gets an extra seat and the other loses it but this is as far as votes of the citizens from Kosovo can go,” he told Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).

Blagojević explained that the parties that did not pass the threshold, such as the Serb Radical Party (SRS) and Dveri, had minimal chances of getting seats in parliament after the votes from Kosovo had been counted.

“Chances are slim for the SRS and Dveri, I cannot rule out a possibility that something will change, especially when the results from all polling stations are counted but the possibility of that happening is slim,” he noted.

Blagojević said that CeSID would have the final assessment of the results once votes from 90 polling stations from Kosovo had been counted.

“We were hoping that we could come out with the final assessment at 10:00 but this probably won’t happen because the counting will not be finished,” he stressed.

He added that the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) had large support in Kosovo and that the results from the southern Serbian province could affect the final result as far as the party is concerned.

The CeSID director added that another two minority lists, All together and Party of Democratic Action of Sandžak, had passed the threshold.

According to him, it is natural for Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) leader Ivica Dačić to discuss the forming of a new government with their former coalition partner the Democratic Party (DS) first but it is also possible that he would talk to other parties and coalitions as well.

Blagojević said that the new government would not be formed by May 20 but that an agreement in principle on the future government would be reached by the second round of presidential elections.

According to the latest CeSID results, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) will have 73 seats in parliament, DS 68, SPS- Party of United Pensioners of Serbia-United Serbia coalition 45, Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) 20, U-Turn movement 19 and United Regions of Serbia (URS) 16 seats.

The Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians will have five seats and None of the Above one seat.