Nikolić confident of winning in second round

BELGRADE -- SNS party leader Tomislav Nikolić said in Belgrade late on Sunday that he would win in the second round of the presidential elections.

Tomislav Nikolić addresses a news conference late on Sunday (Tanjug)
Tomislav Nikolić addresses a news conference late on Sunday (Tanjug)

Nikolić will square off with DS leader Boris Tadić in the May 20 runoff.

Addressing a news conference, he also expressed his desire for the coalition led by the party to start the negotiations on forming the future government as early as on Monday.

Nikolic told journalists at the party's headquarters that the SNS had to boast about its results, as the party "that had been formed three and a half years before had won the most votes in the parliamentary elections", and that this "could also mirror on the presidential elections, even though everyone is trying to make things look different".

The Serb Progressive Party (SNS) is an offshoot of the Serb Radicals (SRS), formed in 2008, taking part in parliamentary elections for the first time.

Nikolić praised Serbian voters for their contribution to making the elections pass in a democratic manner.