Albanian hooligans attack Serbs in Kosovo

GRAČANICA -- A group of ethnic Albanians, described as "hooligans" attacked several locals in the center of the Serb enclave of Gračanica around 16:30 CET on Wednesday.

Two young Serbs suffered serious bodily injuries. Gračanica is one of the isolated enclaves where Serbs live south of the Ibar River.

Gračanica Health Centre Director Rada Trajković told Tanjug that the injured were taken to Simonida hospital where they are recovering from injuries.

“The hooligans from Priština, who were coming back from a football match in Gnjilane, attacked the locals with knives, sticks, bottles and stones, after which a group of Serbs from the nearby cafes got involved in the fight as well,” Trajković explained.

“The ethnic Albanians came out of a bus which had stopped there because of a traffic accident, and the main street in Gračanica is under video surveillance, so the cameras most probably recorded the incident,” she added.

Certain Kosovo media reported that after the incident the police arrested two persons and that one of them is kept in custody.

The night in Gračanica was peaceful and there was an increased police presence in the streets.