EU rep: More results needed for candidate status

BELGRADE -- Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Vincent Degert has said that Belgrade and Priština have to agree regarding Kosovo's representation at regional meetings.

Vincent Degert (FoNet, file)
Vincent Degert (FoNet, file)

He added that they needed to do it in a way that was acceptable to both sides and all members of the EU.

“The EU acts as a mediator and its basic requirement is to have all regional representatives present at meetings that focus on issues important for reconciliation and economic development, he stated. It is in the interest of the EU and the region that all agreements on energy, trade and transport networks be functional,” he told daily Danas.

“Serbia has made significant progress in meeting the key conditions for its EU integration, he noted. Results have been achieved but the EU needs to see more, and there is very little time left until the European Council summit,” Degert was quoted as saying.

“As for the talks between Belgrade and Priština, significant progress has been made in ensuring freedom of movement, but a systematic solution is required for administrative crossings, as well as a solution for Kosovo's representation at regional forums,” he explained.

“EULEX and KFOR have to be able to operate throughout Kosovo,” Degert concluded.