Tadić: Referendum is harmful for Serbia

BELGRADE -- Serbian President Boris Tadić said Tuesday that the holding of a referendum in northern Kosovo is harmful to the interests of the state of Serbia.

Boris Tadić (Beta, file)
Boris Tadić (Beta, file)

Tadić said that he understands the need of the Serbs in northern Kosovo and Metohija to express their political will, but also pointed out that local governments cannot do more than the state in resolving the problems of the population in the southern Serbian province.

This move by leaders of the municipalities in northern Kosovo can only reduce the potentials of the state, and is not in the interests of Serbs in the province, Tadić said.

The endeavors of the state in defense of legitimate interests in Kosovo and Metohija are being hindered in this way, the Serbian president said on the occasion of the holding of a referendum in the north of Kosovo.

In a statement to the media, Tadić reiterated that Serbia will not recognize Kosovo's independence, that it respects UN SC Resolution 1244 and that it seeks a solution for the participation of representatives of Priština in regional forums which would not mean recognizing independence, either explicitly or implicitly.