Greens of Serbia protest demanding ban on GMO

BELGRADE -- Supporters and members of the Greens of Serbia party staged a protest in front of the House of the Serbian parliament on Thursday in Belgrade.


They are demanding that parliament should soon include in its agenda a bill to ban the production, trade, import and transport of genetically modified organisms.

The party filed its motion signed by 36,000 citizens and a draft bill to the parliament on October 26, 2011.

Party leader Ivan Karić warned that protests would be radicalized unless the bill is included in the parliament agenda soon.

"Unless the bill is included in the parliament agenda, the party is willing to radicalism its protests following the patter of Greenpeace and Europe's Green parties," Karić stated.

The bill to ban GMO production, trade, imports and transport calls for complete ban on GMO except for the purposes of laboratory tests.

The Greens of Serbia staged their first protest on December 15, 2011.