KFOR: We'll shoot; Serbs start building new road

JAGNJENICA -- KFOR members used loud speakers on Tuesday to warn local Serbs that they would "shoot" if they built a new barricade at Jagnjenica.

KFOR at Jagnjenica on Tuesday (Tanjug)
KFOR at Jagnjenica on Tuesday (Tanjug)

The locals ignored the warning and started hauling in earth and gravel, dumping it on the road, thus constructing a new barricade. KFOR reacted by throwing tear gas at the Serbs, who are also this Tuesday building a new road nearby.

This latest maneuver by the locals left KFOR troops "partially blocked", Tanjug is reporting.

The vehicles the soldiers used on Monday to break up the old barricade are now located between two new road blocks, set up on both sides of the Zubin Potok-Zvečan road this afternoon.

KFOR vehicles can at present only retreat to Čabra, an ethnic Albanian village where they had set up camp, according to this report.

Earlier in the day, the talks between the NATO troops in Kosovo and local Serb leaders, held earlier in the day, did not produce any results.

"If your trucks unload gravel here, we will shoot," it was heard from the KFOR loud speakers.

The citizens gathered on the roads reacted with dissatisfaction, but no incidents were reported from the scene.

During the meeting on Tuesday, KFOR again asked Serbs to leave the road, while Zubin Potok Mayor Slaviša Ristić said that the troops should return to the positions they held before they moved to remove the barricade at Jagnjenica, and added that KFOR enjoyed the freedom of movement.

A KFOR commander, who reports said "did not wish to introduce himself", accused Ristić of being "directly responsible for yesterday's violence against KFOR" - an accusation which the mayor rejected as false.

Ristić also said he woud call on the citizens to remain calm.

After the meeting, KFOR again used lound speakers to wanr the Serbs to disperse, and threaten that tear gas would be used against them.

New road

Meantime, local Serbs have decided to build a new road near Jagnjenica.

On Tuesday afternoon, they brought machines to the location and started building an "alternative" road, in a bid to circumvent the barricade that is now held by KFOR.

The aim is to make sure that the town of Zubin Potok, now cut off from other towns in the north of the province, is once again connected to Zvečan and Kosovska Mitrovica.

The citizens are hauling in gravel and building the road, while KFOR troops are observing the developments.