Dačić: Serbia can survive without EU

TREBINJE -- Interior Minister Ivica Dačić says Serbia should not recognize the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo "even if this means not joining the EU".

Ivica Dačić (Tanjug, file)
Ivica Dačić (Tanjug, file)

"If the price is for Serbia to give up Kosovo to gain membership in the EU, it should never be accepted because there are national and state interests and Serbia can survive without the EU," Dačić stressed on Monday in Trebinje, while attending the RS Interior Ministry patron saint day.

The minister said many EU members wanted Serbia to recognize Kosovo, denouncing this as "unprincipled and hypocritical."

"Serbia should not get bogged down in its lore. We should have a rational approach to the issue of Kosovo which will protect our people living there. It is not realistic to expect our national interest to be satisfied by having all of Kosovo as part of Serbia since history has led to there being a small number of Serbs living in Kosovo now," Beta news agency reported.

While in Trebinje, the Serbian interior minister noted that the Serbian and RS MUPS were "cooperating well":

"The two Interior Ministries and police services are cooperating well in the fight against organized crime, terrorism and all other lines of work which bear importance for the citizens of Serbia and RS".

He noted that the Serbian police and Interior Ministry were also cooperating well with other security structures in Bosnia-Herzegovina, said MUP in a statement.

Dačić singled out the cooperation with the State Ministry of Security, border police and other security institutions and agencies in Bosnia.