Vatican position on Kosovo "unchanged"

ROME -- The Vatican has not changed its position on recognizing Kosovo, Tanjug was told Monday evening by the press service of the Holy See.

A view of the Vatican (FoNet, file)
A view of the Vatican (FoNet, file)

The Vatican does not recognize the unilateral proclamation of independence made by ethnic Albanians in Kosovo in early 2008.

There is no change in the attitude of the Holy See toward Kosovo, the director of the Vatican press service Father Federico Lombardi said in a telephone statement for Tanjug.

Previously, the Kosovo Albanian authorities in Priština said that Apostolic delegate to Kosovo and Nuncio to Slovenia Julius Janus "met in with Kosovo's Foreign Minister Enver Hodzaj and told him he would return to Kosovo soon with good news from the Vatican".

Janus was attending the celebration of Mother Teresa Day.