Last war crimes indictee extradited to Hague Tribunal

BELGRADE -- Serbia on Friday extradited the last war crimes suspect whose arrest was demanded from the country by the Hague Tribunal.

Goran Hadžić is seen in Novi Sad on Friday (Beta)
Goran Hadžić is seen in Novi Sad on Friday (Beta)

Former political leader of Serbs in Croatia, Goran Hadžić, was sent to the UN war crimes court located in the Netherlands.

Hadžić was arrested earlier this week in northern Serbia after spending seven years on the run. He signed a waiver of his right to appeal the extradition decision signed by Justice Minister Snežana Malović.

Earlier on Friday, a convoy of vehicles left the Special Court in Belgrade and headed toward the town of Novi Sad, where Hadžić visited his gravely ill mother.

After that , he was taken to Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport , from where he was extradited.

Serbian security forces increased their presence around the court this morning, as well on the roads leading to the airport, and Novi Sad.

Hadžić's wife, son and sister visited him in prison yesterday, while today a woman whom the media refer to as his "common law wife", and a child believed to have been born from that relationship, were at the Special Court to see him.

The woman reacted to one question to reporters to say that she did not see Hadžić in seven years.

Unlike what Belgrade-based Blic newspaper had claimed - namely, that the child was four years old - our reporter says that the footage shows the girls is older, "probably in elementary school".

Hadžić's son Srećko said in an interview for the Večernje Novosti daily that he and his mother knew about the relationship and the child.