“Govt. ready to compromise, won’t cross red lines”

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- The Serbian government is ready for compromise to resolve the Kosovo issue but there are red lines we cannot cross, Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović says.

Goran Bogdanović (Tanjug, file)
Goran Bogdanović (Tanjug, file)

He told Tanjug on Sunday that the Serbian Constitution and resolutions on Kosovo adopted by the Serbian parliament were the red lines which could not be crossed and that no agreement between Priština and Belgrade through dialogue conducted in Brussels would exceed the said lines.

“None of our negotiators is ready to cross these red lines, it was stated by the negotiators as well as by Serbian President Boris Tadić,” Bogdanović pointed out.

He said that he wanted to believe that there is no one in the Serbian government who would put their signature to the unilateral independence of Kosovo.

Commenting on the proposals for Kosovo's partition, the minister for Kosovo said that one should not avoid any issues and that Belgrade was ready to discuss all issues.

“This does not mean that our policy is based on the division of Kosovo and Metohija, because we have a clear policy and strategy for the province, which is not at the expense of Kosovo Albanians,” he explained.

He underscored that the aim of this policy was not to make the Albanians lose everything, but to enable Serbs to regain what they had in Kosovo - freedom of movement, legal protection, economic development, the right to dispose of their property and the right to return.