Kosovo partition ideas “not constructive”

BELGRADE -- British Ambassador Michael Davenport thinks that Deputy PM Ivica Dačić’s idea that partition of Kosovo should be discussed with Albania is not constructive.

Foreign representatives in Serbia do not approve of recent ideas about partition of Kosovo.

“What does not contribute to dialogue’s success is not constructive,” he told B92 and added that the partition ideas were affecting the dialogue itself.

“Of course, everything that politicians in Serbia and Priština say has an effect. I think that it is primarily important that everybody focus on the success of the dialogue. That's the most important element,“ the British ambassador pointed out.

He added that Belgrade and Priština's constructive approach was necessary in order to improve people's lives and welcomed the dialogue.

“The dialogue is important for improvement of the citizens’ lives in Kosovo. I believe that the idea of partition is not very constructive in this context. It’s not exactly realistic and it would have serious implications for the entire region. An agreement on important topics that have to do with citizens and people’s lives in Kosovo is more important right now,” Davenport stressed.

“Serbia can get date for negotiations by year’s end”

According to him, there is a possibility that Serbia will get a date for the beginning of the accession negotiations with the EU by the end of the year.

“The EU should do everything it can in order to actively support Serbia on its path toward Europe. The British government wants Serbia to become an EU member and we support Serbia’s efforts in that direction. There is a possibility that Serbia will get the negotiations date but let’s first wait for the European Commission’s official opinion in October,” the British ambassador to Serbia explained.

He assessed that Mladić’s extradition to The Hague was a historic event and a proof that Serbia was fully cooperating with the Hague Tribunal.

“It’s a historic event because families of the victims of the massacres in Bosnia-Herzegovina have been waiting for Mladić to be tried for more than 15 years. It is also necessary for the reconciliation of the countries in the region. That’s not enough, but it’s necessary. EU membership of all countries is also necessary for the peace in the region,” the British ambassador said.

According to him, it is important that new generations are facing the past as well.