"Belgrade wants to make dialogue political"

PRIŠTINA -- Edita Tahiri has stated that Belgrade's negotiating team is trying to change the character of the dialogue and make it political.

Edita Tahiri (Beta, file)
Edita Tahiri (Beta, file)

Tahiri heads the Priština negotiating team in the ongoing dialogue with Belgrade.

According to the Albanian language daily Koha Ditore, Tahiri reacted to the statements issued by Head of Belgrade's negotiating team Borko Stefanović after his return from Priština that the Serbian government will resolve the position of Kosovo Serbs in the course of the dialogue.

At the same time, he said, Priština, i.e., Kosovo's Albanianas, "lack courage in making proposals".

“It is obvious that their so-called independence is not functioning in spite of the great support they get from the world's big powers,” Stefanović said.

Tahiri views this statement as unhelpful for further dialogue.

"I can see this as Serbia's attempt to give political character to the dialogue, although both governments have agreed in Brussels to discuss only technical issues," Tahiri said.