Support for EU membership continues to decline

BELGRADE -- The percentage of the citizens that support Serbia joining to the European Union has dropped to 55%, Belgrade daily Blic reported on Monday.

The newspaper cited the latest study produced by a “reputable agency for public opinion polling”.

In December 2009, when the EU visas were abolished, 65 percent of respondents supported EU membership, while in December 2010 the number was at 57 percent.

This was also the first time that the percentage dropped below 60 percent since the polls have been done twice a year for the Office for European Integration.

“Obviously there is a small drop,” director of the Office for European Integrations Milica Delević told Blic.

Political science expert Vladimir Goati, who is also director of Transparency Serbia, stated that the citizens were "disappointed because they have been listening for too long to politicians’ promises of EU admission, without any visible progress".

Goati commented by saying that "local politicians are to blame for the fall in EU support, because they create the illusion that they are doing everything that should be done for the country to enter the EU as soon as possible, from cooperation with the Hague Tribunal to adopting laws, and actually they are working on everything remaining the same".