Romanian new head of EULEX special police

PRIŠTINA -- Romanian Colonel Marian Petre was appointed head of EULEX Special Police Department, the Albanian language media in Priština reported on Tuesday.

The reports also note that "the Kosovo government was not informed about Petre's appointment".

Kosovo's Interior Minister Bajram Radzepi stated he had not been officially informed about the appointment and that he learned about it in the papers.

The media reported that the members of the Romanian police "do not have a good reputation among the Kosovo Albanians".

The articles also claim that "Romanian police officers are considered responsible for the murder of two and wounding of more than 80 persons during the rally of the Self-Determination Movement in February 2007".

The recommendation for Petre's appointment was given by the Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability, one of the departments within the European External Action Service (EEAS), according to the media in Priština.