Belgrade-Priština dialogue continues

BELGRADE -- Delegations of Belgrade and Priština are continuing their Kosovo talks on Monday in Brussels, and are expected to be meeting for one day.


The process started three weeks ago, when the two sides talked about telecommunications, air traffic, customs seals, land books and civil records.

Belgrade team chief Borko Stefanović said yesterday that some previously opened topics could be closed today, while regulating the electricity market might be on the agenda.

Ahead of the new round of talks, Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dačić said the country wold not allow for any solution reached during the dialogue to be abused in order to have Kosovo recognized as independent.

Kosovo's ethnic Albanians unilaterally declared independence more than three years ago, but this was rejected by Serbia.

"There will be attempts here to find solutions for some daily problems that are burdening citizens, but I'm sure each of those problems has a different side, and that is linked to the status issue," said Dačić, adding that "this may be an attempt to have Serbia agree to some solutions which would in fact mean an implicit recognition of an independent Kosovo, which Serbia will not allow to happen."

Inter-Ethnic Relations Forum Director Dušan Janjić said that Belgrade would bring up the issue of a second "provider" of electricity, and telecommunications, "in the sense of infrastructure", and in view of the country's attempts to sell Telekom Srbija and the company's assets in Kosovo.

Janjić expects that the Kosovo Albanian side will "insist on solutions to the problems of diplomas and customs seals".

Serbian officials expect results of the ongoing talks by July or August, and say this is "important in the practical and psychological sense".