“Documents on organ trade belong to UNMIK”

PRAGUE -- The leaked confidential documents on human organ trade belong to UNMIK, former UNMIK Forensics and Missing Persons Office Head Jose Pablo Baraybar said.

“The confidential documents from 2003 that have leaked into the media and which contain new testimonies by witnesses on human organ trafficking in Kosovo and Albania are authentic UNMIK documents,” he told Radio Free Europe.

“Those are UNMIK documents that were, of course, presented to the Hague Tribunal,” Baraybar stressed.

He says he saw the first names of some of the victims in the documents and that he remembers some of them even now.

The former UNMIK official noted that he had received the documents in 2002 and 2003, and that UNMIK had tried to involve other institutions in plans to go to Albania to conduct an investigation in 2003.

“As early as in 2003, attempts were made to conduct an investigation in Albania,” he said and emphasized UNMIK had asked the Hague Tribunal to intervene and assist in the investigation, as UNMIK had no jurisdiction to investigate in Albania.

“The documents were forwarded to the Hague Tribunal at the time marked on the fax, Baraybar said.