Thaci, Pacolli sign coalition agreement

PRIŠTINA -- Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) leader Hashim Thaci and New Kosovo Alliance (AKR) leader Behgjet Pacolli have signed the agreement to form a new government.

Hashim Thaci casts his vote in December elections (FoNet, file)
Hashim Thaci casts his vote in December elections (FoNet, file)

Thaci and Pacolli have announced that they will work together as a team, based on the two parties’ common program.

They have announced that the two parties have overcome all the differences regarding the division of ministries. According to the agreement, the AKR will get three ministries.

Pacolli will be nominated for president and his party will run the Kosovo Security Force Ministry, Health Ministry and Trade and Industry Ministry.

AKR’s Muhamet Mustafa will be deputy prime minister. Agim Ceku will run the Security Force Ministry, Ferid Agani will be in charge of the Health Ministry and Mimoza Kusari-Lila will run the Trade and Industry Ministry.

After he had signed the agreement with Pacolli, Thaci also signed an agreement with Independent Liberal Party (SLS) leader Slobodan Petrović.

Petrović will be deputy prime minister in the new government and the SLS will run three ministries – Local Self-Government Ministry, Communities and Return Ministry and Labor and Social Welfare Ministry.

The PDK leader also signed the agreement with representatives of the minorities’ communities, Turks, Ashkali and Egyptians, who will run the Environment and Spatial Planning Ministry.

Thaci will sign the agreement with Ibrahim Rugova List, which will have a single MP in the assembly, on Sunday.

According to Priština-based Albanian language daily Koha Ditore, sources from the PDK have stated that “Thaci is not afraid of the voting for the new composition of the government in the assembly, but of the voting for the proposed presidential candidate”.

“He got signals from certain MPs within his party that they will not vote for Behgjet Pacolli,” they told the daily.

Kosovo Assembly Presidency has scheduled a constituent meeting for Monday, but election of new Kosovo president or the government will not be on the agenda.

Koha Ditore also quoted some European diplomats, who think that the proposed government will not be stable and that it will not be easy for it to implement possible results of the dialogue with Belgrade in the field.

The daily pointed out, however, that official reactions from Brussels were expected after new Kosovo institutions had been formed.