Belgrade, Ljubljana sign twinning agreement

LJUBLJANA -- Mayors of Belgrade and Ljubljana Dragan Đilas and Zoran Janković singed in Ljubljana on Wednesday an agreement on the twinning of the two cities.

Đilas and Janković sign the agreement (Tanjug)
Đilas and Janković sign the agreement (Tanjug)

The agreement represents the continuation of enhancing the two capitals' good relations, and the mayor of Ljubljana delivered on the occasion a letter of support to Belgrade on its candidacy for the 2020 European Capital of Culture.

The two mayors agreed that there are no open issues between the two capitals, and that the agreement will help further strengthen their cooperation, especially in the domains of economy and culture.

In the area of economy, the agreement will mean more capital investments for Serbia by Slovenian companies. One of these companies, SCT, is already participating in the construction of the bridge at Ada Ciganlija, which is the largest infrastructure project in Belgrade.

It is very important that Ljubljana supports Belgrade's candidacy for the European Capital of Culture in 2020 by which date, as Đilas pointed out, Serbia should become a member of the European Union (EU).

Serbia has a lot to learn from Slovenia, since Slovenia is a member of the EU, and the exchange of experiences with Ljubljana regarding the period of its EU accession will be very useful to Belgrade, the release notes.

By signing the twinning agreement, mayors of Belgrade and Ljubljana agreed that the two cities will endeavor to further their friendship and exchange information and experiences.

The two capitals will encourage technical cooperation in the domains of education, culture and sports, as well as the cooperation between Serbian and Slovenian youth and non-government organizations.