1,000 participants at Pride Parade

BELGRADE -- More than 1,000 participants of the Pride Parade have marched through downtown streets of Belgrade to the Student Cultural Center (SKC).

The Pride Parade participants (FoNet)
The Pride Parade participants (FoNet)

Human and Minority Rights Minister Svetozar Čiplić, representatives of Democratic Party (DS), Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), NGOs and EU attended the parade.

The LGBT population had a party at the SKC and police started driving participants home at about 13:30 CET.

During the march the participants were chanting “Jointly against fascism” and carrying a sign with a slogan “We can together”.

The gathering was opened by Head of EU Delegation to Serbia Vincent Degert who said that this day had been awaited for nine years.

Degert stressed that it was a very important manifestation and repeated that Serbia had good legislation regarding protection of human rights and rights to sexual and religious orientation.

“It is important that people can live with these rights and values,” he said and added that the Pride Parade was also important as an indicator that society was rejecting violence.

The human and minority rights minister has stated that this is an important day for the freedom in Serbia and that all citizens have the right to express their freedom.

LDP leader Čedomir Jovanović said that he had come to the parade as a man who wanted to live in Serbia where differences between people were a way of life which only made us different, not adversaries.

According to him, those who attack the Pride Parade participants today are the least guilty and that society which does not have institutions capable of protecting its citizens is to blame.

“This is not the way to go to Europe,” he concluded.