Croatia has secret war crimes lists?

BELGRADE -- Several hundred Serbian citizens have requested to be informed whether war crime charges had been filed against them in Croatia.

They suspect that Croatia also has a secret parallel list to that recently made public.

According to B92's unofficial sources, these persons are not on the lists of names of those Croatia had indicted or convicted of war crimes or are subject to an investigation.

However, there are doubts that the list is not final and that Croatia has parallel, secret, lists of names, which are not available to the public although Croatia denies such allegations.

Croatia's Public Prosecutor's Office has recently forwarded to the Serbian Ministry of Justice a list of names of 1,534 people, 538 of whom have been convicted for war crimes, 563 charged, while 433 of them are under an investigation.

The list is available on personal request and, according to the Justice Ministry, Serbia has assumed the obligation to assist all those who are under an investigation for war crimes and to follow the situation and continuously renew the lists with new names, so as to avoid surprises at border crossings with Croatia.

The Croatian Interior Ministry said in its letter that it does not have any parallel lists of names of people implicated in war crimes.

The Ministry also said that in keeping with the legal procedure, the police issue, on the request of the competent courts, international arrest warrants for all criminals who are suspected of living abroad.