Anniversary of murder of enclave children

BELGRADE -- Today marks seven years since two Serb boys were murdered and four other children wounded on the enclave of Goraždevac, near Peć in Kosovo.

A file photo of the scene of the crime (FoNet)
A file photo of the scene of the crime (FoNet)

The children were spending the summer day on the nearby river when they were ambushed and sprayed with about 90 bullets from automatic rifles.

The perpetrators of the 2003 killings remain unknown, and investigators have no suspects.

Ivan Jovović and Pantelija Dakić were killed, while Đorđe Ugrenović Bogdan Bukumirić, Marko Bogićević and Dragana Srbljak were seriously wounded.

Bogdan Bukumirić, who was shot seven times, says that while there were bigger crimes perpetrated against children in Kosovo and Metohija, this one stood out because it took place in the only Serb village left in Metohija after 1999.

"(That is where) the Patriarchate of Peć, Dečani (monastery) is, that's what they wanted and where it hurts the most and where they attacked," Bodgan said.

The UN mission in the province, UNMIK, offered a reward of one million euros for finding the perpetrators of the attack, but the investigation has not progressed. For this reason, Bogdan Bukumirić is planning to file a lawsuit at the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg.

"They (UNMIK) did nothing for four years, from 2003 until 3007. A team has been formed again that I hope, will have some success. I sent the same question in 2008 and 2009, they said that in 2009 they transferred the case from UNMIK to EULEX. I wrote to EULEX, but they did not send any answer," he explained.

EULEX spokeswoman Irina Gudeljević said that the investigation into the Goraždevac murders was close to an end, and that the EU mission in Kosovo had no suspects.