Serbia submits Kosovo draft to UN GA

BELGRADE -- The Serbian mission at the United Nations today submitted Belgrade's draft resolution on Kosovo to the UN General Assembly.

The UN General Assembly (FoNet, file)
The UN General Assembly (FoNet, file)

The draft proposes that this body should adopt conclusions, related to the International Court of Justice's advisory opinion in the Kosovo case.

The Serbian resolution "clearly states" that unilateral secession is not an acceptable manner of solving territorial disputes, the MFA in Belgrade said in a statement this Wednesday.

The statement further adds that secession is unacceptable "considering that the ICJ did not confirm a right of Kosovo Albanians to secede from Serbia".

The Serbian resolution also calls for dialog as a manner to find mutually acceptable solutions "for all open issues", said the MFA.

The ICJ ruled last week that international law does not have an active provision that limits independence declarations, and that for this reason the Kosovo Albanian UDI was not in breach of international law.

The top UN court stated that it focused on the specific question received from the UN General Assembly, and did not discuss the right to self-determination or secession.

The advisory opinion will now be sent back to the General Assembly, which will meet in September in New York.

Jeremić travels to New York

The MFA said that the text of the resolution was sent to New York after Belgrade conducted consultations with a large number of international factors, including all UN Security Council permanent members.

Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić left for New York today, where he will discuss Kosovo with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and address the Forum of the Non-Aligned Movement.

He will also have a number of meetings with ambassadors accredited to represent their countries at the UN.

Jeremić will meet with more officials for consultations in preparation for next week's UN Security Council meeting that will be dedicated to Kosovo, said the MFA in Belgrade.

The draft

The full text of the draft resolution submitted today is as follows:

Guided by the principles contained in the UN Charter,

Bearing in mind its functions and authorities stemming from the UN Charter,

Referring to its Resolution 63/3 of 8 October 2008,

Aware that an agreement has not been reached between the sides on the consequences of the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo from Serbia,

Taking into account the fact that one-sided secession cannot be an accepted way for resolving territorial issues,

1. Acknowledges the Advisory opinion of the ICJ passed on 22 July 2010 on whether the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo is in line with international law,

2. Calls on the sides to find a mutually acceptable solution for all disputed issues through peaceful dialogue, with the aim of achieving peace, security and cooperation in the region.

3. Decides to include in the interim agenda of the 66th session an item namely: "Further activities following the passing of the advisory opinion of the ICJ on whether the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo is in line with international law.”