Jeremić continues African tour in Congo

KINSHASA -- Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić has arrived to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he will meet with President Joseph Kabila.

Jeremić will also meet with the country's Foreign Minister Alex Thambwe.

The Serbian diplomacy chief, who is on a week-long tour of several countries on the continent, arrived in Congo from Gabon, where he met with senior government officials as well, to talk about renewing close cooperation between the two countries

Jeremić also said that the support of Gabon for Serbia regarding the Kosovo issue holds exceptional significance, especially since Gabon will become a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council on January 1.

Serbia is the largest and most important successor of Yugoslavia and wants to have the same relations with Gabon that Yugoslavia had, Jeremić commented.

He said that Serbia is ready to help in the construction of a modern Gabon, especially regarding its agriculture and pharmaceutical industries.

Jeremić also stated that an agreement had been reached for a delegation of the Gabon Agriculture Ministry to visit Belgrade and create a cooperation plan.

As far as the pharmaceutical industry is concerned, Serbia does not wish to sell its products to Gabon, but to help that country produce its own, he continued.

Jeremić said that the Serbian pharmaceutical industry is "ready to be in Gabon and produce drugs for the whole country and all of Africa".