"Kosovo police involved in arms smuggling"

BELGRADE -- Police Chief Milorad Veljović says there's evidence to suggest members of the Kosovo police are involved in the smuggling of arms from Kosovo into south Serbia.

Milorad Veljović (FoNet, archive)
Milorad Veljović (FoNet, archive)

Speaking to B92, Veljović said that MUP had certain information on one person suspected of planting Tuesday’s bomb in Preševo.

Commenting on the operation to seize weaponry and explosive devices, he said that he was concerned by the fact that active members of the Kosovo police were involved in those activities.

“What’s concerning and what the police control to some extent suggests that intensive transfer of weaponry from the territory of Kosovo into Serbia was taking place, and that into Preševo and Bujanovac. We’ve acquired footage that clearly shows the illegal trafficking of arms, primarily in the region of Gnjilane. That shows the intentions of these people, or rather terrorist groups,” said the police chief.

MUP would be submitting the footage to EULEX, Veljović said, where the smuggling of arms from Kosovo into southern parts of central Serbia could be seen. He said that despite the two attacks on police, the situation in the Ground Safety Zone (GSZ) was still stable.

“The police certainly have information concerning the possible perpetrators of these deeds, but until we’re sure, we won’t be making it public. The fact is that the analysis of the explosive device itself will give us certain leads in the investigation, and, in that context, should help us find the perpetrators. What is important is that we’ll continue certain operations for the good of the people in the GSZ, primarily in Bujanovac and Preševo,” he said.

At the start of the week, MUP officers launched an operation to cut off channels of illegal arms smuggling by Albanian terrorist groups, during which they arrested Mehmeti Cenan from Miratovac, while a large cache of weaponry and explosive devices was discovered in the family home of Ibiši Ljuljzim, a member of the so-called Gnjilane Group.

Kosovo Police Service spokesman Besim Hoti told FoNet that the Kosovo Interior Ministry had asked EULEX to obtain from the Serbian authorities the footage and other evidence linked to the statements by Serbian officials regarding the involvement of KPS members in arms smuggling.

“We’ve seen these statements in the media and the ministry and the KPS are ready to investigate these allegations. That’s why we’ve asked EULEX to get the footage and other proof from the Serbian institutions. We have yet to receive anything for now,“ he said.