Gendarmes injured in grenade attack in south

BUJANOVAC, BELGRADE -- Two members of the Gendarmerie were injured last night when they were fired upon with a hand-held grenade launcher in the village of Lučani near Bujanovac.

Ivica Dačić (Tanjug, archive)
Ivica Dačić (Tanjug, archive)

Police spokeswoman Suzana Vasiljević told B92 that the attack had occurred just after midnight.

“It was carried out with a hand-held grenade launcher. The rear of the vehicle was struck, and, fortunately, detonation was early, so one officer suffered a serious shrapnel injury to the back and extremities, while the other Gendarmerie officer took a glancing blow to the neck,” she said.

“The crime scene has been secured and we’re looking for the attackers. Unfortunately, we don’t know, nor do we have any information or legal grounds to go in and conduct searches. We’ll perform an inquest and continue working,” said the spokeswoman.

The injured officers were admitted to the Military Medical Academy (VMA) in the early hours of the morning, Colonel Milorad Rabrenović from the VMA informed B92.

He said that the officers’ injuries were of a minor character.

“They’re wounds, shrapnel wounds actually, to the left thigh and buttock region, and he’s been admitted to the Trauma and Orthopedic Clinic. The wound can be classed as a minor injury,” said Rabrenović.

“The other Gendarme suffered a shrapnel wound to the right side of the neck. He’s been admitted to the Ear, Throat and Nose Clinic. The wound is minor,” he said.

Interior Minister Ivica Dačić said that there were still major security problems in certain regions of Serbia, especially the south, of which EULEX would be advised.

Dačić said that the attack on the two Gendarmes was a result primarily of the fact that not all terrorist groups in Kosovo had been disarmed, as foreseen by UN Security Council resolution 1244.

“We’ll warn EULEX that a big problem is control itself of the administrative line in terms of the transport and smuggling of weapons, and creating certain security conditions,“ said the minister.

He said that the police and other security services had highlighted on several occasions the security risks in certain regions, particularly in the south.

“We are ready to eliminate them in any case. The Interior Ministry, our police and Gendarmerie will carry out their duties, and respond most energetically to any attempts to violate Serbia’s territorial integrity and attacks on MUP officers,“ Dačić underlined.