Biden visits U.S. military base in Kosovo

PRIŠTINA -- U.S. Vice-President Joseph Biden left Priština for Lebanon today, wrapping up his Balkan visit with a trip to the U.S. military base in Kosovo, Bondsteel.

Biden has also visited Sarajevo and Belgrade over the last three days, where he met with senior officials of both countries.

He ended his visit to the Balkans with a visit to Bondsteel, where he also spent the night.

While addressing soldiers at the base, he said that KFOR was the second largest NATO operational force and that KFOR members from the U.S. were helping get Kosovo on its feet.

“You know that you’ve showed the world and continue to show what happens when a nation decides to fight together against tyranny and build a free society. That is not an exaggeration, that is reality. You are rebuilding a society, which obviously never existed in this part of the world,” Biden said.

He said that what the American armed forces were doing in Kosovo was of vital importance.

“You are protecting the innocent in Kosovo. You’ve been protecting the innocent for a decade and been offering the Kosovans the security they need and the space they need to build their independence, democracy and, most importantly, a multiethnic state,” Biden said.