Lajčak: Intl. law based on principles

BRATISLAVA -- Slovakian Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčak says that international law must be based on principles, which reflects Slovakia's stance towards Kosovo recognition.

Miroslav Lajčak (FoNet, archive)
Miroslav Lajčak (FoNet, archive)

“That is not a question of this or that government. There is the Slovak parliament’s position that reflects the opinion of the entire political spectrum, other than that of the Hungarian Coalition Party.

Our position towards Kosovo is based on the fact that we don’t believe that it had the right to unilaterally proclaim independence,” Lajčak told Slovak daily Pravda.

He stressed that “some kind of principles” must be respected in international law, adding though that he did not want Slovakia to be given the role of judge and jury when it came to saying whether or not countries that had recognized Kosovo had violated international law.

“There are two key things missing—an agreement between the two opposing sides and the approval of the UN Security Council. Slovakia insists on the principles of international law being respected, even when they don’t look to be beneficial in the short-term,” Lajčak said.

He posed the question of who in future would decide whether a unilateral decision was acceptable or not, if it was now acceptable for Kosovo to gain independence unilaterally and to be recognized by each individual country through unilateral acts.

“Who will decide where the limit is? Who has that right if we take it away from the UN Security Council,” Lajčak said in the interview with Slovakian daily Pravda.