Kosovo leaders to meet with Clinton

PRIŠTINA -- Kosovo’s president and prime minister have been invited to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Feb. 26, says the U.S. embassy in Priština.

Hillary Clinton (FoNet, archive)
Hillary Clinton (FoNet, archive)

“The secretary of state is looking forward to the meeting with Kosovo’s president and prime minister on Feb. 26, in order to reassure them of the U.S. promise of friendship and support for Kosovo,” said State Department spokesman Robert Wood in a statement issued by the American embassy last night.

Additionally, it is stated that last year “Kosovo took quick steps forwards toward building democratic institutions and carrying out the basic principles of the Ahtisaari plan, including the protection of minority rights and cultural and religious heritage within its constitution.”

“As an independent state, Kosovo has welcomed effective cooperation with EULEX, NATO, the International Civilian Office and representatives of other international organizations,” said the statement.

The State Department added that Kosovo had cooperated in “building a stable and sustainable economy, a clear and simple system for the rule of law and other modern institutions, and a multiethnic and European democracy.”

The State Department “highly appreciates the Kosovo people and government’s efforts in promoting stability in the region and cooperation among the various entities and religions to work on building a secure and progressive future,” the statement ended.