DSS-NS to support SRS protest

BELGRADE -- DSS-NS representatives say they will support the protest on July 29 organized by the SRS over the arrest of Radovan Karadžić.

Andreja Mladenović (FoNet, archive)
Andreja Mladenović (FoNet, archive)

Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) spokesman Andreja Mladenović told Tanjug that the DSS would support the protest organized by the Serb Radical Party (SRS) and that it “agreed with its reasons for holding it“.

New Serbia (NS) leader Velimir Ilić earlier gave his backing to the demonstration.

“It’s absolutely certain that there will be a lot of activities by the opposition parties in the coming period, and by September, we expect there to be daily actions against the government which is not pursuing Serbian, but pro-Western policies,“ said Mladenović.

He said that “the new government is making moves on a daily basis under clear guidance from abroad that are not in Serbia’s interests.“

“That’s why the DSS supports all opposition party activities that demonstrate to Serbian citizens that the new government is pursuing the wrong policies,“ said the spokesman.