Positive reactions from U.S., NATO

WASHINGTON, BRUSSELS -- The U.S. has thanked Serbian officials for ordering and carrying out the operation to arrest Radovan Karadžić.

The White House marked Karadžić out as the organizer of the concentration camps and the mass murder of thousands of people.

“This operation is an important indicator of the Serbian authorities’ determination to keep their promise on cooperation with the Hague Tribunal,” read a statement from the White House, signed by Press Secretary Dana Perino.

The statement said that Karadžić’s arrest had come at a very opportune moment—just a few days after the anniversary of the murder of 7,000 Bosniaks in Srebrenica, “as there is no better way to pay hommage to the victims of war crimes than to bring their perpetrators to justice.“

NATO announced that the information on the arrest of the Hague fugitive was “good news“ that had been long awaited. “If that information is confirmed, that really is good news for the international community, and it is news that we’ve been hoping for for some time,“ said NATO spokesman James Appathurai.

“That’s good news and is what we expected of Serbia. It needs to be looked at in a positive light,“ added Appathurai.