Schroeder: Kosovo recognition “against Europe’s interests”

BERLIN -- Gerhard Schroeder says that recognition of Kosovo's unilateral independence goes against Europe's best interests.

The former German chancellor told the RIA agency that the dispute over Kosovo’s status could not be solved “without the participation of the pro-European forces of President Boris Tadić’s team.”

“However, recognition of Kosovo has weakened those forces, maybe to such an extent that soon we will effectively have a completely isolated and uncertain Serbia,” he lamented.

“I think that recognition of Kosovo was the wrong step, because it was done too soon. In essence, recognition by the majority of EU member states and the U.S., instead of solving the problem, has only created new ones,” Schroeder observed.

“Speaking completely frankly, the EU has in this case completely bowed to American pressure. That solution might have been in the best interests of the U.S., but it was certainly not in Europe's best interests,” he said.