Koštunica says signed EU deal is forgery

BELGRADE -- Vojislav Koštunica today once again denounced the signing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) with the EU, saying the document is "a forgery".

Koštunica speaks in a campaign rally (Tanjug, archive)
Koštunica speaks in a campaign rally (Tanjug, archive)

The head of the caretaker government and Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) leader told Tanjug news agency in a statement that "at least ten provision of the document order Serbia to establish good neighborly relations with Kosovo".

The agreement signed on April 29 by President Boris Tadić and Deputy Prime Minister Božidar Đelić, both Democrats, was initialed in November 2007. Both Brussels and Belgrade officials said that the signed version is identical with the one initialed last year.

"Many provision of the agreement with the EU have changed completely once 18 EU member states recognized the existence of a fake state in the Serbian land," Koštunica said, and added this very fact renders "the whole agreement a forgery".

"Now, in this forged, Solana's agreement, at least ten provisions order establishment of good neighborly relations between Serbia and Kosovo, as [EU enlargement chief] Olli Rehn has said already," he continued.

According to Koštunica, those 18 EU countries that have recognized Kosovo will ratify "Solana's agreement in their parliament, which binds Serbia to establish good neighborly relations with the fake state of Kosovo".

"For this reason, Solana's agreement is a forgery and a trick, and Serbia will annul the Tadić-Đelić signature for Kosovo's independence right after the elections," the outgoing premier is convinced.

"Serbia will never accept that a signature was placed on her behalf to establish good neighborly relations with Kosovo, because, Kosovo is Serbia," Koštunica concluded.