Koštunica slams EU deal signing as anti-state

BELGRADE -- Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica today strongly opposed announced signing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA).

Koštunica, center, during today's news conference (Tanjug)
Koštunica, center, during today's news conference (Tanjug)

The Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) leader said that the signing of the document with the European Union (EU) would present an anti-state and anti-constitutional act.

Addressing a news conference in Belgrade, Koštunica said the DSS-NS coalitiln will not recognize such a signature.

"That signature will not be valid for Serbia and whoever signs the SAA will have to assume responsibility for such an act," Koštunica said.

"We have an agreement which is controversial, but there is a rush to sign it, and yet we had an energy agreement with Russia that was perfectly clear, but there was insistence that it should be ratified according to the necessary procedure, which was not done," Koštunica said.

"Regarding the signing of the agreement, the DSS-NS coalition has serious and essential objections. The reason is known, on February 17 the unilateral proclamation of the independence of Kosovo and Metohija took place under the direct orders of the United States of America," Koštunica said.

"17 countries, members of the EU, have recognized the independence of that illegal state in violation of the United Nations Charter, UN Security Council Resolution 1244, the Serbian constitution, and the Helsinki Final Act, he pointed out.

"Consequently, these 17 EU member-states that have recognized the independence of Kosovo consider that there are two states in the territory of Serbia - Serbia and Kosovo," Koštunica said.

"And one day, when these 17 states ratify the agreement in their parliaments, Serbia will not exist as one state for them, but they will see it as Serbia and Kosovo," he continued.

"All this indicates that the actual objective of the agreement, which was initiated by Javier Solana, is that Serbia should recognize the unilateral independence of Kosovo and place its signature along with those 17 signatures," Koštunica said.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Zoran Lončar, DSS, also said that Serbia will not recognize a signature on the SAA, and that a new government and parliament will annul such an agreement.

"We can see that the [Nenad] Čanak-[Democratic Party] DS-G17 Plus coalition is preparing to sign [Javier] Solana's agreement on Tuesday, which means that [Serbian President Boris] Tadić's oath that he will never recognize independent Kosovo was valid until he was offered to sign this Solana's Agreement," he said in a statement sent to Tanjug.

"The real name of Solana's agreement is deception, and the objective of this deception is that Serbia should recognize Kosovo as the first NATO state in the world," Lončar said.

"In this way, it will be revealed before the eyes of the entire Serbian nation that Tadić swore falsely," Lončar said.

"It is now also being revealed why the unilateral independence was proclaimed between the initialing and the signing of the SAA, and why 17 states of the EU recognized this false state after the initialing of the agreement and before its signing," Lončar underscored.