Czechs believe Kosovo independence "undermines stability"

PRAGUE -- The majority of Czechs believe that Kosovo independence undermines stability in the Balkans.

However, Czech society is split as to whether to recognize the province’s unilateral independence, according to an opinion poll conducted by the CVVM agency.

53 percent believe that the independence declaration against Serbia’s wishes will have negative consequences for stability in the Balkans, while 67 percent do not think that independence will help normalize relations between Serbs and Albanians in the slightest bit, but will rather exacerbate them further.

36 percent oppose Kosovo’s unilateral independence declaration, 34 percent support it, while the remaining 30 percent are undecided.

Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenburg put forward a proposal to recognize Kosovo independence at a cabinet meeting on April 2, but despite the best efforts of Prime Minister Miroslav Topolanek and Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Aleksandr Vondra to convince wavering ministers to recognize, the motion was rejected.

According to unofficial information, recognition has now been postponed, at least until after the Serbian parliamentary elections on May 11.