Koštunica: Kosovo cannot be traded

TOPOLA -- Vojislav Koštunica told a rally in Topola that Serbia cannot be partitioned, and that one cannot trade a state.

Koštunica meets supporters in Topola today (Beta)
Koštunica meets supporters in Topola today (Beta)

The Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) leader told a crowd of some 100 supporters that he had come to Topola to confirm “what we all carry in our hearts, and that is that we have no other fatherland.”

Stating that Serbia required a state-building and nationally responsible government, he called on citizens to vote for the DSS-New Serbia(NS) list, called “Support Serbia”, on May 11.

Koštunica said that the job of the new government would be to continue the fight for Kosovo, for which “we’re encouraged by the fact that 150 countries worldwide think that Kosovo is Serbia.”

“Law and justice will out,” he proclaimed.

The DSS leader said that another task of the new government would be to continue the path to the EU, though, as he put it, Serbia should enter the Union with inviolable borders.

“Serbia and Šumadija know fine well that Serbia is in Europe, and that the Serbian people are a European people. If that’s so, no-one can take us into or lead us out of Europe,” he stressed.

Serbia’s economic development was also a key priority, Koštunica said, “but not increasing the foreign currency balances of certain ministers,” as was tackling crime.

The DSS leader said that these jobs had not been done because the DSS and New Serbia had “had differences” with their former coalition partners, not just over Kosovo, but over the country’s economic development, which was shown by the fact that “they don’t want the Horgoš-Požega highway” and their objections to the Russian energy deal.

“Serbia deserves better than Čanak, the Democratic Party (DS) and G17 Plus,” he reiterated.

NS leader Velimir Ilić called on citizens to vote for things to go “full speed ahead,” so that everyone’s life could improve. He said that Serbia needed to regain its dignity.

Welcoming his guests, Topola Municipal President Dragan Jovanović (NS) said that “these people” would help Serbia move forward, and called on citizens to vote for the DSS-NS list.

Some hundred people gathered in the center of Topola carrying party and national flags and banners with the message, “Kosovo is Serbia.”

To the accompaniment of national and folk songs in the background, the DSS-NS leaders were served a traditional welcome of “pogača” bread and salt.

Prior to the meeting, they laid wreaths at the Karađorđe Monument at Oplenac, and afterwards, they spoke to Bishop of Šumadija Jovan.

After Topola, the DSS-NS coalition leaders will take their campaign on to Aranđelovac and Mledenovac.