"Cyprus cannot recognize Kosovo"

VIENNA -- Nicosia cannot recognize Kosovo, says Cypriot Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou..

Kyprianou stated that the reasons for this were that its independence was declared unilaterally and did not have the support of the UN Security Council.

Speaking to Vienna daily Die Presse, Markos Kyprianou said, “Cyprus has not recognized Kosovo. It believes in Serbia’s territorial integrity including Kosovo, as it does in the territorial integrity of all other countries. Cyprus believes a solution acceptable for all sides should be found.”

“Furthermore, Kosovo's declaration of independence was unilateral and it does not have the support of the UN Security Council. That is why it is not possible for Cyprus to recognize Kosovo,” Kyprianou said.

“On the other hand, there must be an improvement in Kosovo, which is why Cyprus has taken the stand that the European Union (EU) should establish its mission there. This is admittedly a very difficult situation that will continue as such for some time,” he predicted.

Kyprianou said that his dream was for a united Cyprus, and he expressed the hope that this would happen as soon as possible.

"We've reached an agreement over a process, and this is significant. Obviously, we're still only at the first stage," the minister explained, adding that the political leaders were due to receive the technical committee's report, in order for discussions to begin.