Serbia to go to ICJ over Kosovo

BELGRADE -- Serbia will call on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to rule on the unilateral declaration of Kosovo’s secession.

Belgrade will seek to have the court's opinion on whether the declaration which it treats as illegal, was in breach of international law.

The initiative will be taken via the United Nations General Assembly.

In order for it to be adopted, Belgrade must receive the support of at least half of the UN members , which is a total of 96 states.

Individual countries cannot ask for a ruling from the International Court of Justice, it must be requested by a body of the UN.

Since it is clear that such a proposal will not be approved by the UN Security Council, Serbia will address the General Assembly at its next meeting in September.

Until then, Serbia will work on securing the support of half of the UN’s members, Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić said, and voiced "cautious optimism" as to the outcome.

A ruling in favor of Serbia by the International Court of Justice, stating that Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence violates international law, could slow the wave of countries recognizing Kosovo’s independence.

Serbia would also have support for its stance from the international institution which is considered the ultimate authority on international law, law professor Radoslav Stojanović said.

In his opinion, it is a "better strategy than filing charges against every country that has recognized Kosovo’s independence".

Such processes have a small chance of success, and some are, because of procedural obstacles, impossible, Stojanović added.