Alekseyev: We work to annul Kosovo decision

BELGRADE -- Russian Ambassador to Serbia Aleksandr Alekseyev today spoke about the Russian UN SC presidency this month.

Aleksandr Alekseyev (Tanjug)
Aleksandr Alekseyev (Tanjug)

As expected, the Kosovo status crisis will be high on Moscow's agenda.

"We will do all that's possible to annul the completely wrong decision to unilaterally declare Kosovo's independence and recognize it," Alekseyev told reporters, after voting in the Russian presidential elections this morning at the embassy in Belgrade.

"We must use all our possibilities to prevent legal violence that is happening in Kosovo and the UN Security Council, above all, has huge responsibility in this," the diplomat said.

Asked about the manner in which Russia intends to bring up the Kosovo question at the Council, Alekseyev said, "official Moscow will decide on this together with our friends the Serbs".

"We are maintaining good contacts and be sure that each future step Russia and Serbia take will be well organized," he explained.

Alekseyev also said that after the unilateral declaration, a split occurred within the international community, which he described as a "very difficult consequence for all".

"Unfortunately, we predicated this, and it was a complete misjudgment to believe that the international community will have a common position over Kosovo," the Russian ambassador said.

"Now, we have the difficult consequences of this. Now we face a number of common challenges, and in order to find answers, we must work together, while wrong estimates and acts when it comes to Kosovo are not useful," Alekseyev said.